top 5 part time ways to earn online

80 kihey, guys today on this blog we are sharing top 5 part-time ways to earn online.if you are a student then these are the best method for you to make money online at least for your pocket let’s explore some of the best part-time ways to earn online.


1.PTC Sites

PTC mean paid to click .if you have don’t enough time you can make an account of the PTC sites. these sites paid you for many works you do on these websites some of them are clicking on their ads, taking surveys, referring and many more.

some of the highly trusted PTC sites are the following





2.By taking surveys

Faded Fall


in survey sites, different companies ask the question to people and get there opinion on how to make their product better and better.there are many survey websites available on google. But only some are trusted, most are not. It is a little bit difficult to find 100% trusted and legit site.

some trusted survey websites are as follows:






Most companies are looking for freelancers for their work. Instead of giving work to their staffs they are giving these part-time jobs to online freelancers.

work. Instead of giving work to their staffs they are giving these part-time jobs to online freelancers.

   freelancing is best for those who want to work what they like.if you like content writing you can do content writing .if you are interested in making logos you can take a work of making logos .you can do many things like intro making, outro making, graphics designing, video editing, photo editing and many more.


The best website for freelancing is you can do what you want to do and for every work, you will be paid 5 $


Other trusted websites for freelancing are :




4.sell photos online



This is another best way to make money online .what you have to do is only capture the photos and upload them to the websites .if anyone would like your image then he will buy your can photographs of nature, animals, a tourist place or any notable moment.and upload these photos to the server of these websites.


some trusted websites are 


2.istockphotos and sell domain names 


You can earn big money through this method.but if you want to earn from this method you have to invest a little as you have to buy a domain name and then put it in domain name cant even imagine how you can earn from this method.


some trusted websites from where you can buy domain names are :




so, guys, these are the top best 5 part-time ways to earn money online.if you like this post then leave a comment or suggestion.





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