Top 10 ways to fix Hair fall for men in India in 2018

Top 10 ways to Hair fall for men in India in 2018: hey guys in this I am going to talk about the biggest problem of men in India and that is Top 10 ways to Hairfall for men in India in 2018. So please read the full article to get information about hair fall. In this article, I am gonna share to you master tips and working tips to cure your hair fall. In this blog, I will tell all the do’s and dont’s you should about your hair fall problem. so please read the full article I guarantee you that you will not need to search for another article after reading the full article.

So here are the Top 10 ways to fix Hair fall for men in India in 2018

Top 10 ways to fix Hair fall for men in India in 2018

1. Drink a lot of water

The very first and the master tip to get rid of Hair fall is to drink as much water as you can. An average every adult should be consuming 7 to 8 litres of water every day. Water not only nourishes your but also prevent your hair to get dry because dry hair falls fastly. Water also thickens your hair because water contains many essential minerals required by the scalp.

2. Consume biotin-rich foods

Biotin is a very important nutrient for our hair because biotin helps to thicken the hair and make it stronger. Biotin is also important for your skin and nails. IN our daily life biotin is missing so you should take care of what you are ear eating. Some great sources of biotin are Eggs, Almonds, cauliflower, Mushrooms, sweet potato etc. You can also take biotin supplement the best I will recommend is the biotin of Wow skin science.

3. Dont consume these two things

The two things that are poison for our body are sugar and refined wheat flour (maida) because these are the worst food ever made. Sugar is like an addictive substance when you consume sugar regularly for 5 days then on the 6th day you will want to eat sugar. And Refined wheat flour acts like the same. To minimize the use of these two ‘Dangerous ” from your life.

4. Take a protein-rich diet

Hair fall can be fixed only by good diet and lifestyle. One of the most important nutrients for our hair is the protein. so take a protein-rich diet. And if I am saying that protein-rich so doesn’t take only proteins and leave the carbs. Many people only focus on protein and Dont focus on other nutrients so this also will not work. Our body needs carbohydrate to break down the protein-rich foods.

5. You should not be deficient of iron and copper

Iron and copper are the two very important minerals for our hair growth and hair colour. Iron purifies the blood and coper provide colour to the hair. As copper is also important for providing melanin to the hair. These two are the most vital minerals for our hair growth. These minerals are also important for our whole body. You can take supplements of these two minerals. Some iron-rich foods are- meat, fish, eggs and if you are a vegetarian then the best iron food is spinach

6. take care of your scalp

You should take a good care of your scalp. Scalp uncleanliness is also a very big reason for your hair fall. So take care of your scalp. Adopt a proper hair care routine. Use a good shampoo, use a good conditioner and dont forget to apply oils because are very important for your scalp. If our hairs are plants the hair oils are like fertilisers for our scalp. The shampoo that I will recommend are of the brand Wow because their products are natural and paraben and SLS free,

7. Apply hair oils regularly

Yes, If you want to get over of your hair fall then you should be used to apply hair oil on your scalp at least thrice a week means every alternate day. Hair oil fulfils the nutrients required by our scalp. It also nourishes the hair. In my Opinion, the best and essential hair oil which you should be taking will be the Coconut hair oil and Almond hair oil. You should apply this hair oils on a regular basis. The hair oil from Patanjali is very good so you can use them. So, many people tell me how to apply hair oil so I am telling you to apply any hair oil on to your scalp,

  • Take hair oil into your palm
  • Then firstly rub it into your hand very hard so that it will become warm
  • Then apply the hair oil into your scalp in a circular motion
  • Massage it there for at least 2 to 3 minutes

8. Don’t use Chemical hair styling products

If you are fond of using hair styling products then sorry my friend you have to change your habit of this. Hair styling products are the worst thing which you apply to your scalp. Hair styling products are very dangerous for your scalp they just remove all the goodness of your scalp and your hair becomes thin. And this is also a very important cause for hair fall. Once in a while does not damage your hair too much. so you can use these products once in a while like before your parties and meetings to look sexier. But at the end, it is a chemical which you are applying to your scalp. And Remember that you should not use the cheap quality products which damage your hair very much. My recommendation is that you should only use the products which are above 500 I know that these products can also damage your hair. So you have to pick the best product for you. You can check the ingredients list of the products which you are going to use. so, Be safe and keep your hair safe,

9. Don’t use any kind of medicines or weird home remedies

Anything which can help to stop your hair fall is only nutrition. Many people take medicines to get rid of hair fall but they don’t get any benefits. Instead of helping it destroys your Immunity system which is a very important function for our body. So don’t use these type of medicines. Take good nutrition, perform exercises and live a stress-free life.

10. Stress

Stress is a very common cause for your hair fall. When you stress hormones called cortisol produce in your body. Any type of stress whether it is of studies or relationship. And this not only destroys your hair but it also makes your face look dull. So live a stress-free life. But there will be a question in your mind that how can we live a stress-free life. The best way to remove stress is meditation.


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So by using applying these tips to your life, you can definitely reduce your hair fall. So that was it for today guys If you like the article please share this article with your friends and family members who are suffering from this problem. And don’t forget to subscribe. Have a nice day!

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