top 3 best peanut butter brands in India in 2018

top 3 best peanut butter brands in India 2018:top 3 best peanut butter brands in India in 2018But when we go to the market we see there are many peanut butters available in the market.but many of them have ingr4edients like sugar(in large amount)hydrogenated oil and many more harmful in this article we will be discussing the top 3 best peanut butter brand in India.

first of all, let us know why peanut butter is necessary for us:

peanut butter is necessary for us in many kinds :

  1. contains vitamin E
  2. contains fat (healthy)
  3. has good quality protein 

so let us know the top 3 best peanut butter brand in India in 2018 :

1.Alpino peanut butter

Alpino peanut butter is the best peanut butter on the is very crunchy and unsweetened.It has 100 percent peanuts (roasted) and heart friendly. It contains healthy fat and is a very good source of protein. It is totally vegetarian. Acts as an energy booster.

link for Alpino peanut butter:

2.Pintola peanut butter

If crunchiness is your first priority then this is the best peanut butter for is very crunchy and can consider this as well. It is very good in taste and it is tastier than Alpino peanut butter.

some features of pintola peanut butter are listed below :

  1. 0% cholesterol
  2. 0% transfat
  3. contains healthy fat
  4. no preservatives
  5. hearty friendly

link to checkout pintola peanut butter:

3. butternut peanut butter

Butternut peanut butter is very and tasty .if taste better for you than this is the best for is very crunchy and tasty.It contains no added sugar no preservatives and even no added salt.It does not contain hydrogenated oils.

some features of butternut peanut butter

  • it is made with 100% peanuts
  • vegetarian
  • highly nutritious
  • has essentials vitamins and minerals
  • source of protein, fibre and vitamin e
  • good for brain health

So friends peanut butter is essential for a healthy body. Everyone from a one-year-old kid to 80-year-old grandpa everyone must consume this. It helps in mass gaining or weight gaining. It contains required vitamins and minerals for our can take any of this peanut butter listed above all are good.

so friends in this describe you the top 3 best peanut butter brands in India in 2018 if you like the article or it is helpful for you to do comment and share the article with your friends family or relatives who need this.thanks for visiting.

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