top 5 addictive cricket games for android in 2018

 top 5 addictive cricket games for Android in 2018

hey, guys in this blog we are covering the topic of top 5 addictive cricket games for android .when we go to play store and we search for cricket games we get many results but we don’t know which game has nice features, graphics, and in this blog I am telling you the most addictive cricket games for Android from my experience.


top 5 addictive cricket games for android in 2018

top 5 addictive cricket games for Android in 2018 are :

1.wcc2(world cricket championship 2)



in my opinion,wcc2 is the best cricket game available on play store.if you are a true cricket fan then you should definitely try this game.It has many features like play live cricket matches, gangs of cricket, highlights of the match and has a large variety of shots including slog sweep and helicopter shot.

Some features of wcc2 are listed below:

  • 18 international team,10 domestic teams
  • 24 different stadiums
  • commentary in the Hindi language
  • ultra slow-motion action replays with different camera angles
  • 69 different actions and 8 different bowling actions
  • cinematic graphics
  • two different batting controls (classic & pro)
  • night mode in quick play
  • over 250 captured animations

wcc2 download link:


2.Sachin cricket saga


sachin cricket saga is my favourite cricket game and I am playing it for since it is the second best cr4icket game .it has a very high graphics and variety of shots.

some features of Sachin cricket saga are listed below :

  • play in world famous stadiums
  • the large variety of shots
  • diving feature while running
  • more than 100 legendary cricketers to be collected by you
  • awesome graphics
  • based on the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.
  • dynamic camera angles

sachin cricket saga download link:

3.Real Cricket 17


It is a very nice cricket has many amazing a multiplayer game means you can play this game with your friends contains all major domestic t20 leagues like IPL, CPL and many more.

Some features of real cricket 17 are listed below :

  • all new player profile
  • fresh look and feel
  • cricket quiz
  • detailed leaderboards
  • includes test match and champions cup
  • best striking feel
  • includes IPL auction
  • best strike
  • includes IPL auctions
  • best striking feel

Real Cricket 17 download link: career


well, this game is very interesting .in this game you are a player and have to make a career in cricket with the guidance of Murali Vijay and, many more cricketers. This game is also a very high graphics game.

some features of cricket career game are listed below:

  • most engaging 3d cricket game for smartphones
  • become the darling of your fans
  • buy luxury items like cars and villas
  • commentary by Indian former captain Kris Srikkanth
  • beautiful motion captured shots
  • attract sponsors and get money

cricket career download link:

5.MS Dhoni


MS Dhoni, the untold story cricket game is also a very good game and comes in the 5th number in our list. This game is the very good game in this game you can also do bike racing and all things that ms Dhoni do in his film MS Dhoni the untold story. This game is also a very high-quality cricket game.

Some features of MS Dhoni game are listed below :

  • simple and easy controls
  • dynamic artificial intelligence
  • player profile
  • multiple controls
  • HD sound quality
  • manual catching system
  • story mode: play through the story
  • unique bowling actions
  • detailed leaderboards
  • hit the ball out of the stadium with a large variety of shots like helicopter shot and many more

ms dhoni game download link:

so guys that you like this article on top 5 addictive cricket games if you did leave a comment on the comment box.thanks for visiting.

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