top 5 best exercises every man should do

top 5 best exercises every man should do : hey guys in this article I will tell you the top 5 best exercises every man should do in his our busy lifestyle we forget to exercise and give time to our body. To stay fit and active we should definitely exercise at least 30 minutes. Exercise should be a habit in our lifestyle. Even two weeks i also dont workout but now I am going to gym for a proper gain. but in this article, I am going to tell you 5 exercises that we can do at our home that anyone can do this. so let’s begin with our first exercise

top 5 best exercises every man should do

top 5 best exercises every man should do
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If we are talking about the exercises that are easy and can be done at home then push-ups come at the first. If you are a beginner then push-ups are very good choice for You to start. Push-ups are also good at burning chest.

variations of push-ups

  • incline pushups
  • diamond push ups
  • superman push ups
  • one arm push ups
  • delt tap push ups
  • shoulder tap push ups
  • side to side push ups
  • sidekick push ups
  • [pike push up
  • hindu push ups
  • tuck push ups
  • tiger push ups
  • handstand push-ups
  • explosive push ups
  • in and out push-ups
  • up and down push uip[s
  • clapping push-ups
  • clapping jack push ups

Benefits of push-ups

  • increases strength
  • helps in increasing stamina
  • increases activeness
  • increases muscles
  • protects shoulder injury


squats are the very important exercise that we can perform at home. They are basically thigh exercise. They make thigs and legs strong. Squats can be performed anywhere at any time. It is a very important daily exercise which everyone should do.

different variations of squats:

  • pistol squats
  • zercher squat
  • split squat

benefits of squats

  • lose belly fat
  • make leg muscles stronger
  • build up leg muscles
  • provides energy
  • helps in running fast


Crunches are mainly the back and abdomen exercise. crunches can help you to lose belly fat. Crunches can be done at the home. They are easy to do. You can get six pack abs on doing crunches. crunches can be done by everybody.

variations of crunches

  • twisting crunch
  • reverse crunch
  • thigh crunch

benefits of crunches

  • helps in getting abs
  • makes core muscles stronger
  • improves balance

4.pull ups

pull ups are very necessary exercise. there are many benefits of pull-ups. But to perform pull-ups we have to work hard for the first time. pull ups are very useful to increase height because when we perform pull-ups our backbone got stretched and our height will increase.

different variations of pull-ups

  • chin up
  • behind the neck pull ups
  • dead hang pull ups
  • plyo pull ups

5.Stretching (side split)

stretching is very important for us because when we do stretching or side split the chance of getting injured is reduced. It becomes very important for them who are in fitness or sports field. There are many benefits of stretching. Everyone should do stretching.

Benefits of stretching :

  • reduces the chance of getting injured
  • prevents muscles breaking down
  • improves body posture
  • prevents laziness
  • improves performance in sports

so guys these five minutes exerecise is all you need to stay fit and active. so I hope you guys will love this article if you did please subscribe and share this article with your friends and family at last i would like to say that have a nice day!


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