top 5 easy daily habits that will change your life

top 5 easy daily habits that will change your life : hey guys welcome back, in this, I am going to share some daily habits that will definitely change your life. In my opinion, this is the most important article on this website. so please read the full article and I guarantee this will definitely change the way how you lead your life.

So, your 20’s are that phase of your life where I believe that you are preparing yourself for the future. It’s a self-improvement phase. Keeping self-improvement in mind in today’s article we are going to know top 5 easy daily habits that will change your life.

so, top 5 easy daily habits that will change your life are :

top 5 easy daily habits that will change your life
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1. Two hours gap between your bedtime and your last meal

You should maintain a gap of two hours between your bedtime and last meal (dinner) because everytime you workout your muscles need a little bit of extra oxygen to just keep pumping. It works the same way with your digestive system. every single time when you eat your body needs pulls in a lot of oxygen in order to aid your digestive system in the process of digestion.

So whats the result is deeper breaths just like the time you go for a buffet or after a heavy meal you breathe deep you dont wanna give priority to that you want to give priority to shorter breaths and shorter breaths take place when you are on an empty stomach. The very simple rule gives priority to shorter breaths not longer breaths give priority to eating light at dinner or going hungry completely to your bedtime.

So keep a gap of two or three hours and very simple rule give priority to quality sleep which is only going to happen when you go to sleep on an empty stomach. if you create this kind of scenario for your body you might even be able to get away having a lesser quantity of sleep. Sleep for a shorter amount of time but still feel fresh.

2. Hangout with older peoples when you have not your parents

Well, you have to hang out with older people when you have not your parents. Have older friends in life think about this habit of hanging out with them once or twice a month that’s all. not people your age who have the exact same perspective that you have in your life. people who have lived a lot longer than you as you grow older your prospectives that way you look at life completely change up.

Whether you lean about business whether you increase your network size a little bit more whether you just learn a little bit about philosophy whether you just learn what not to do from the wrong older people you met. Meeting older people will expand the size of your outlook and your mind. Take this advice seriously go and hang out with your friends’ school parents go and find some cool older people that you will able to gain knowledge from.

3.Consume a lot of vegetables

Give a lot of priority to green vegetables at every meal. An ideally try changing it up its not just a health thing yes it will help with your hair and your skin your brain your nervous system. But there’s a lot more it does for you. A high fibre diet is linked to the health of your bowel movements and your bowel movements are directly link to your energy levels as well as your mood.

so, keeping that in mind if you want your mood to be sky high throughout the day you have got to include a few veggies at every meal. obviously, veggies are very filling high in fibre they got to fill your stomach they’re gonna keep you from eating a lot of the other unhealthy food options o0ut there. At every meal especially if you goi9ng out to a restaurant first order the salad, not because it’s a healthy food option but only to get your vegetable intake at the meal. Very crucial for the overall mood you long-term immunity levels and your long-term health.

4.Dont waste all your time in a day

So my fourth tip in the list of top 5 easy daily habits that will change your life. It is that dont waste all your time in a day. I am not saying that you perform activities about self-improvement and all that jazz. I am just saying that living in a city you end up wasting a lot of time on stupid activities. The getting stuck in traffic or walking from one place to another or even just going for your cardio session which I dont think a stupid but you do end up wasting a little bit of time. If you are just spending your time on exercise end not an exercise of your mind.

Let me explain si I a scenario like this most people will like to listen to music or the radio good but those activities dont really help you in the development of your brain so my only quick solution to you is that instead of choosing music at those points of your life choose activities that will help expand your mind. Two solutions podcasts and audiobooks.


Podcasts are basically just recorded conversations between two successful people usually the amount you can learn and gain from a podcast whether it’s about business or just life and advice is insane. When listening to podcasts for about a year and a half. And its changed my life because I feel I dont end up wasting any more time in my life. I am always gaining some kind of information from some source. so whether I am working out whether I am stuck in traffic when I am just walking around in the city or very importantly before going to bed. Podcasts are the key to having a high level; of information in your life.

5.Hot phase

The fifth and final or the most important tip of the day. You have to give priority to the what I called hot phase of your day. 30 minutes to 60 minutes before you go to bed. Why? so the answer to that question you have to understand the power of the subconscious mind.

Understand your mind which is like a ship. Your conscious mind is like the crew of the ship and your subconscious mind which the captain of your ship. The crew of the ship is responsible for all your daily activities. How your body functions the actions you take in your life. But your captain of the ship your subconscious mind that is affected by your actions your experiences. Your daily habits and even the people who you meet the people who surround you. It becomes the core of your thought process. You dont really happy to control over it but it has control over you.

The direction of your life your outlook on certain things all that is decided by your subconscious mind. You fill your subconscious mind with negative data or the wrong habits. You will end up getting a negative outlook on life you will be what they call looser. If you wanna be a winner you have to fill it with positive data. And this is where the hot phase that I was talking about comes into play.

Power of positivity

The one point of your day when you are able to directly affect your subconscious mind. It is that one hour before bedtime. You have two options the first option is meditation obviously. One of the best things that you can do if self-improvement is your goal in life. Basic meditation before bedtime can change your life around. But the second option if meditation is not your thing you can go for self-improvement books. Reads books about business if that your goal read books about spirituality if that’s your goal. Reads books about positivity if that’s your goal.

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