top 5 health tips for teenagers in India and one bonus tip

top 5 health tips for teenagers in India and one bonus tip: hey guys today in this article I am going to discuss top 5 health tips for teenagers in India and one bonus tip for teenage boys and girls to remain fit. Teenage is the most important phase of our life. What we will become and achieve in our life is decided in these days. so please read the full article it will very useful to you,

so, top 5 health tips for teenagers in India and one bonus tip are listed below:

top 5 health tips for teenagers in India and one bonus tip
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1.The mentality of a winner

The mentality of a winner is that they dont look at fitness as a short-term solution. You are not supposed to do it for bulgy shoulder4s those abs that chest line those traps you are supposed to do it for yourself.  Eventually, when you grow older you want to go into your old age as a strong individual you wanna be healthy from the inside when you are healthy from inside that’s when your brain works the best. And when your brain works the best you perform incredibly well for the rest of your life.

But how:

Use fitness as a kind of a base for the rest of your life to grow that’s how I look at it. And that will only happen when you look at fitness as a long-term lifestyle to be serious about all these factors. your diet being regular at the gym. Just make it healthier life choices and you will see the rest of your life getting sorted out. Remember initially your gains in the gym from a fitness lifestyle as a teenager are gonna be incredible. You are gonna get bigger muscles very easily. You are gonna to get cut very easily.

But eventually your progress slows down the more you progress the most difficult it becomes to progress and that’s where the boys are separated from the men a lot of people end up quitting the fitness lifestyle. Sometimes during exams, they will quit it and never come back. Try being in that club of men instead of being the club of boys. Try being that guy who goes to the gym once a week during his exams through his exams follows a healthy lifestyle is serious about his protein intake always look at fitness that way. when you are entering that world of fitness Its a long-term change, not a short-term change.

2. Rest

Rest is very important because still, you are going taller. You have to be serious about rest days. Rest in general and not overworking your body. If you gonna take up a fitness lifestyle injuries are going to be your best friend. so, quickly we discuss three ground rules. Firstly learn about your own body, listen to your own body if you are too sore on a particular day via two diodes in a particular day say no to the gym.

Sometimes taking a step back might pay off in long-term. Point no. 2 Dont be that that bro who gets carried away intakes every set to failure. It is basically when you are pumping all the settings to an extent where your body just freezes up where you cant push that weight any further but you still try pushing it with the help of your trainer that’s called pushing through failure.

You have to only want to take a sector failure about four times in your workout so four of the total sets in your workout should be going to failure and the final quick sub tip in this main tip is that if you that something going wrong in your body in the middle of a workout if you feel some kind of a snap. If you feel pin on one side sharp pain anywhere stop your workout at that time. Check yourself with the trainer at the gym and dont try pushing yourself too much especially if its one-sided pain that’s a dangerous situation to be in.

3. Be serious about stretching and massages

This is something a lot of Indian bros in Indian gyms ignored and in the long term if you will not see this about these factors. It might lead to injuries see the thing is when you are doing a long weight training a lot of damage on your muscles. And as important as that damages your muscles to grow it’s as important to put your body in a position to recover optimally. So get serious about stretching in the first place it helps improve your flexibility and it also helps relax your muscles at the end of a workout as for massages.

Get serious about massages now usually in Indian metros we have a  lot of sports massages centres that’s something incredible because just massaging a muscle pressing it with a lot of pressure helps to increase the blood circulation flow in that region. It helps release the muscle a little bit again helps in relaxing the muscle very important to prevent long-term injuries.

4.Lower body training

We are talking very serious problem in India. Many Indian bros forget top train their lower body. Just because you are not exposing your legs and your lower back to the world. It does not mean that they are not important. Keep in mind that if you are training from an aesthetics point of view. You are trying to look sexy your legs are a big part of looking sexy. There’s a lot of girls who tell you that chicken legs are an automatic turnoff. You want to avoid that situation but dont just do it for the sexiness factor. Do it for your overall fitness.


5. Dont rely on your trainer alone

It is a fact that Indian trainers are not good enough. I am not talking about all there are many fantastic trainers in India who are very loyal to their work. But most of the Indian trainers choose this fitness career for the money aspect they are not really passionate about the subject they dont educate themselves in detail about the subject. That’s why the point I want speaking about is firstly learning your form to youtube. I know even if you believe that your trainer has the most perfect form and the most perfect education just5 cross-check on multiple youtube channel. check out the channel that I highly recommend Omar Issa he is one of my inspiration on youtube. Someone has learned a lot from fantastic from workout coaching tip.

 Say no to steroids

Please say no to steroids. This is the worst thing you can do with your body. Most of the Indian trainers recommend their students to take steroids. Once we are talking about the lack of education in Indian trainers. Teenage body is not built to consume steroids. Your hormone levels are all over the place already. When you stop using steroids. Your body gonna fade away a little bit you are gonna shrink in size you might even lose your motivation.

That’s another huge factor that I have seen with a lot of younger bros using steroids. I have been lifting for a while. And now and I have seen that a lot of teenagers who ended up using steroids in the teenage. They lose their motivation in the gym. Once they stopped using setoids. Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or a fitness model. You cant really use steroids throughout the year in the long term.

So that was it for today I hope you will find it helpful. If you did share the article with your friends and family who you think need it. And dont forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Have a nice Day!



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