top 5 refrigerators under 20000 in 2018

Hey guys in this we will be discussing top 5 refrigerators under 20000 in 2018. A customer when goes to a market for purchasing a refrigerator at a price of 20000 then he/she looks a brand reputation refrigerator capacity according to their family members, power efficiency, warranty, customer service after sales, maintenance cost and other added features. Apart from normal freezing. There are some models on this list include both single-door and double-door refrigerator and all of them have the best quality.
However, the ranges of refrigerators under 20000 from reputed brands. Check out this list of 5 best refrigerator under 20000. There are best of options for a refrigerator in the market right now ant the best way to buy is surely by visiting a store. Here we present you top 5 best Refridgerator Under 20000.

Here are the top 5 refrigerators under 20000 in 2018 :

top 5 refrigerators under 20000 in 2018
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1.Samsung RR2315TCAPX/TL


Samsung is one of the best and oldest brands in the Indian market. It has been a strong competitor in the home appliances segment and its refrigerator offering under RS 20000. Samsung RR2315TCAPX/TL single door refrigerator holds a cooling capacity of 230 litres and provides a 5 star of energy efficiency. It boasts a direct cool defrosting system and direct cooling flow type. The freezer capacity of the model is 25.1 litre. The refrigerator also boasts which is called a Moist Fresh Zone which helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresh by balancing the internal temperature.
In India, its price is around 18350 in market

2.whirlpool  NEO FR258

When we talk about refrigerators Whirlpool is one of the most excellent brands which come up in our mind. Whirlpool’s NEO FR258 range is a decent option. This refrigerator offers a capacity of 245 litres and is powered by 6th sense Deep Freeze Technology for faster freezing and cooling retention.The refrigerator has a double door and it has a fresh flow air tower that ensures there’s an even distribution of cool air all over the refrigerator. And the weight of this refrigerator will last 1 year while whirlpool will provide 10 years of warranty for the compressor
Price of this refrigerator is: 18299

3.Godrej RT EON


Godrej RT EON comes 240-litre capacity is also a very good refrigerator. This Godrej refrigerator might be a good upgrade. Godrej has included a cool Shower Technology which technically ensures superior all-around cooling. Fluctuating voltage is not an issue as it can easily handle fluctuations ranging from 140 to 260 volts. The weight of this refrigerator is 48.75 kg them machine comes with a 1-year warranty while the compressor boasts a 10-year warranty protection.

price of this refrigerator is: 18999

4. LG 190 L 3 Star Direct


LG is a well-known name in the household especially if you consider in the Indian market. It is equipped with LG Direct Cooling Technology that makes ice 20 percent faster with a specially designed ice tray. As is the case with most of the refrigerator, the machine comes with a 1-year warranty while the compressor comes with a 10-year warranty.

price of this refrigerator is: 18000 (almost)

5.Kelvinator KAPMX

The Kelvinator KAPMX is the best refrigerator. Its double door refrigerator has a gorgeous pixel graphic design on its doors. The power consumption is quite low for a refrigerator while a 2-star power rating it scores a capacity of 235 litres. And the warranty is 1 year in the refrigerator and 5 years on compressor other features are that it has do dryer, shelves, and reciprocatory compressor.

price of this refrigerator is: 18299

I hope you guys will find this article on top 5 refrigerators under 20000in 2018 helpful if you did please comment.

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