top 8 grooming and fashion tips for dark skin for men in India

top 8 grooming and fashion tips for dark skin for men in India : hey guys I am back with another article of top 8 grooming and fashion tips for dark skin for men in India. the secret behind fairness lot of bros become fair how do you get fair skin. In today’s article, I am giving you 8 fashion and grooming tips for slightly darker bros for the Indian skin tone. But before we get to the actual tips and tricks we got to talk about imperialism. Africas south America and obviously Asia’s big region had been a victim of imperialism. The imperialistic age was when Europian countries decided that you know what our country is not enough let’s take over the rest of the world. So they ended up conquering all the parts of the world. And that’ s when the whole fair skin is better than dark skin mentality was first born. And unfortunately for us, we have grown up an age with the stupid fair and lovely advertisement when the Indian youth thinks like we need to be fair, Oh you are dark you will never find Love.

Unfortunately, we all of us have grown up watching those ads even our parents have grown up watching these ads our parents are also influenced by imperialism today. When the European countries took over the rest of the world they kind of convinced us that white skin is good. And that thought processed and stayed in those Asia and African countries still keep in mind secret behind fairness lies in Imperialism. You got your skin colour by your parents and you should not try to change it. But you can try making it the best version of your skin.

so, top 8 grooming and fashion tips for dark skin for men in India are:

top 8 grooming and fashion tips for dark skin for men in India

1. Say no to fairness creams

You dont need any type of skin whitening creams. They harm your face in the long term. They contain hydroquinone, mercury, carcinogens and steroids(harmful chemicals present in fairness creams)  and even more harmful substances that can spoil the quality of your skin. And now the question is How to make our skin glow?

2. We have two situations either you have dry skin or oily skin.

If you got dry skin then:

every time you wash your face. after you completely washed your face. Dry your face with a towel and apply a mild moisturizer. A moisturizer will be your best friend and if you got dry skin that ends up flaking off or if you have dry lips then just apply moisturizer or you can even apply vaseline that what will help you getting glowing skin.

If you got oily skin then:

I have a home remedy for you. You need Multani mitti, turmeric(haldi), lemon.


  • first of all, make powder of Multani mitti
  • then add a teaspoon of turmeric
  • then add a little bit of lemon juice
  • make a paste and get a smooth consistency
  • apply on wet face and leave for 20 minutes  and then wash it off

Benefits: the turmeric cleans your skin, lemon will help you to glow and the Multani mitti will suck up all the oil from your face. You will definitely see the result within a month.

Note: dont apply for more than 20 minutes. Do not use this more than once or twice a week because if you overdo it then your skin will produce even more oils.


We are talking about the exfoliation to get a glow like a baby. Use a face scrub. Basically, a face wash has little hard particles. And when you use face scrub gently massage your face in a circular motion. You have to massage yourself firmly.when you use face to scrub the blood circulation of your skin increases an when your blood circulation increases your skin will glow. Use face scrub only once in a week.

Note: Dont use face scrubs if you have acne or pimples


To get glowing skin the biggest hack in any book is that to focus on your diet. Two major factors first of which is water keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. If your urine is slightly yellow go and drink some more water. a second major factor is to focus on vegetables and fibres. dont try focusing too much on fruit include a little bit of but primarily focus on vegetables which are much more nutritious. Eat the salad for getting glowing skin.


If you want to look fair you have to be neater. Beards are in fashion and if you want you can have a beard but you have to maintain your beard. Use some beard grooming products. And you should trim it should not look like the big bush on your face. And also keep in mind if you are someone who gets patchy beard then you should avoid having a beard that ends up looking you a little bit scruffy. You should maintain your beard like this;

6. Physique is Important not colour

First work on your physique. I am not saying that you should get ripped but you just need to look healthy. your arms need to be filled out your chest needs to be filled out. you need to work on your legs and back. You can even achieve good looking body at home. Anything you wear should fit you.

7. Avoid bright colours if you are too thin/fat

If you are a very skinny dark bro or if you are av very fat dark bro then you should avoid bright colours. Because the bright colour highlights your physique. If you are wearing white, or if you are wearing very bright popping shades like red all that kind draws attention to your body and obviously because your skin tone is different from the colour of your tshirt your body is highlighted even more . so situation like that is you are skinny or if you are too fat avoid brighter colours.

8.Best options

 A question will be in your mind that which colours should I wear? Now you should give priority to dark colours we are talking about black,navy blue,brown,navy green,dark green,dark maroon. These colours matches very well with the slightly darker skin tone.Burt also keep in mind that choosing your colours half as important as choosing your physique.
And even all these other 8 points are half as important as the final advice I like to give you all. It is not a fashion or grooming tip keep in mind if you want to see more attractive. people are attracted to how you look or how you are externally dressed. people are attracted to positivity and confidence. Before trying to select your grooming and fashion related actions first select the actions of loving yourself. learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. The way you b0orn the way you will look for the rest of your life. Do not believe that fair skin is superior than dark skin.

so I hope you guys will love this as it will be helpful to you. If you did please comment below and dont forget to subscribe and share the article with your friends and family members who you think needs this stuff. Have a nice day!


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