Top ten best grooming products for men in India

Top ten best grooming products for men in India : hey guys in this article we are talking all about the men’s grooming. In this article, I will be sharing with you top 10 grooming products in India that every classy, sexy and stylish man needs to know. So be with us and read the full article I guarantee you will find it very useful.

so, Top ten best grooming products for men in India are listed below

Top ten best grooming products for men in India

1. Hair care basics

so when it comes to hair care basics most of you might know anti-dandruff shampoo, mild shampoo, and conditioner. But right now its very important to know about oils which a lot of bros ignore. People believe that oils are very unscientific, they dont help you but you have to understand that oils are like manure for your scalp and your scalp is like a mud and your hairs are like plants. And these oils are full of goodness like manure for hair. Go to your nearest store buy 2-3 hair oils and use them at least once or twice in a week. Apply the hair on your scalp very gently and apply the oil in circular motion. And applying hair on scalp also increases the blood circulation. Remember all of us have to go bald at some age and at this young age to slow this process.

2.Body odour

Next grooming product we are talking about is Body odour the biggest term of the world not only for guys also for every single human being. If you are smelling bad then you can lose your confidence. In my opinion, you should invest in a good quality perfume that has no side effect on your skin and you don’t have allergy with that kind of smell. If your budget dont allows you to buy these perfume you can consider deodorants that also work well. You should also keep your mouth fresh. You should brush twice a day and use mouth freshener occasionally. Remember to always keep mint or mouth fresheners in your pocket because of you when you need it.

3. Hair styling products

Most specifically we are talking about my favourite product that is hair wax then we are talking about regular men’s comb. But when it comes to the hair product what you need to remember is that a lot of them are cheap products that are full of chemicals. So unless you buy a product that minimum is 500 rupees is probably going to damage your hair. Keep in mind that even the expensive products may harm so use them only before you are going to parties or once a month. Also, keep in mind that using the hair products on special occasions will take your sexiness to the next level.


All the products in our list of Top ten best grooming products for men in India that you ever use as a guy the most important among them are razor you use while using. Now I am using Gillette mark 3 turbos. What I love about this razor is that this razor is mounted with springs and they adjust according to the shape and size of your face and corners of your face. Three blades in this razor are extremely stro0ng and durable. And most importantly the comfort guard that will give you an effortless shape. In my opinion, the clean-shaven look will give more confidence. And that’s why I will recommend you to go clean shaven and especially those guys who are starting their careers.

5. Cutters

Top 10 best grooming products for men in India
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The next type of grooming item I am talking about is cutters. Cutters help shape up the deep details of your look. Keep in mind if you want to be known as that sexy guy pay attention to the details. Keep in mind that in my experience a lot of girls when they are checking about the guys they look at details. For example, they look at your hand hygiene, your nail hygiene how beautiful your hands look. If you want to beautiful pair of hands use multi-purpo0se nail cutter.


Next, we are talking about tweezers a lot of Indian bros do not take care of their eyebrows means the hair between the two eyebrows. If you one of guy that has one single eyebrow please get rid of it because they will ruin your overall sexiness.

 Fine scissors

Another grooming product that we are talking about are fine scissors to cut your nose hair and those tricky regions. You always need a fine scissor to trim your self and to look sexier.

6.Talcum powder

And the next grooming product to look more attractive is the talcum powder or baby powder. It becomes more important in this super hot weather. You can use a little bit of talcum or baby powder to defrictionise your armpits. A lot of bros especially in India get rashes, skin irritation in their armpits that can be complete avoided completely if you use a good talcum powder. Just powder your armpits every single day. In my opinion, the baby powder is the most underrated grooming product for guys.

7. Mild face wash

Whenever anyone asks about facewash I always have my go-to answer. If you understand that all these anti-acne face washes, anti oily face washes are sometimes a little bit too harsh on your skin. So if you are trying to make your skin slightly lesser oily then you end up using anti oily face wash and your skin in most cases especially considering Indian weather. It’s gonna to react producing even more oil. From my experience, while dealing with my own skin I am also talking to a lot of my bros who have the acne problem. I always believe you should always choose a mild shampoo.

8. Rosewater

And the next grooming product is the rose water. You can get it on any general or medical store. It is fantastic for acne, oily and even dry skin. Its also slight disinfected in its anti-acne, when you are going to play football or whether you are just going to bed or in the morning when you are heading out into the world. It will add a glow to your face and more importantly it will keep your skin full of bacteria and it’s not made from chemicals. It is highly recommended for you guys.

9. Clindamycin

All right guys once you get your moisturizer in place and especially if you got acne pro skin you have to use this s called clindamycin. Its an antibiotic and you can get it from any chemist shop. You know why you are using this because it is disinfected with chemicals. You know when you get pimples very hard pimple that when you touch it and it hurts. That’s the stage when you have to treat a pimple and prevent it from becoming bigger with this particular clindamycin.

10. Antifungal creams

The final products in our list of Top ten best grooming products for men in India are antifungal creams. There is absolutely no shame when talking about this. This particular grooming item because we are all Indians and we have to deal with the UV rays of the sun. And we all get skin rashes, skin irritation and a few fungal infections once in a while. Especially if you are someone who works out a lot and someone that has an active lifestyle that sweats a lot while heavy lifting. You should keep them in your room during summers, during monsoons and sometimes winters too.

so that is it for today guys, I hope you like this article of top 10 best grooming products for men in India if you did please share this article with your friends and family who you think need them. And dont forget to subscribe. Have a nice day!




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