top ten daily habits that will ruin your hair

top ten daily habits that will ruin your hair : hey guys in this article we are sharing the top ten daily habits that will ruin your hair. As a guy you know that at some you have to go bald but way too early. So it’s your job to keep neat and clean. Your 50 percent look depends on your hair and remaining 50 percent depends on your face.

top ten daily habits that will ruin your hair
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top ten daily habits that will ruin your hair : 

1.Shampoo selection

Firstly the right shampoo selection is very important. Keep in mind something called sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is commonly used chemical in shampoo because it acts like a detergent for your hair now this kind of chemical is slightly harsh on your hair and it works fantastic in anti-dandruff shampoo you need sodium lauryl sulphate on your hair for once a week. so only use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week and for every other time when you are shampooing your hair you should go for a slightly mild or natural shampoo and this where we are talking about sodium laureth sulphate not lauryl but laureth it is also called sodium lauryl ether sulphate.

And the difference between these two milder chemicals and harsh sodium lauryl sulphate is these are milder chemicals that are okay if you use them more than once a week so if you wash your hair with a mild shampoo that the chemical you look for inside the shampoo in ingredients while shopping. In my opinion, the best decision will be using a shampoo that is absolutely sulphate free now those kinds of shampoo are expensive if you can afford them use those. Some good and budget-friendly brand options are Patanjali, wow, khadi and mama earth.

2.Excess hair product use

I am a fan of this hair products but at the end of the day, they are also made from chemicals which are harmful to our scalp. You can use it once in a while when you are going out to parties and clubs but at the end of the day, it’s a chemical that you are applying on your scalp that is not naturally present in your hair. Use these hair products only 2-3 times a week and if possible use it once in a month.

Every time you use it to make sure you wash it off correctly. Wash it off with water, apply a little bit of oil and then shampoo your hair and after shampooing use a mild conditioner to condition your hair just make sure that all these hair products has come of your hair through the process of washing your hair. Remember if you use hair products too much too often it will cause hair fall.

3.Excess sunlight

The sun as good as it is for your skin and your hair it gives you vitamin D but the sunlight from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. is very harsh and really is not good for you, why because the sun is full of good stuff but it also contains UV rays and those UV rays fall on your hair, fall on your scalp and destroy the interior cells which actually hair need in your hair growth so if you really care the health of your hair avoid this kind of harsh sunlight for long periods of time.

4.Sweating and exercise

Sweat is great but the downside to it is that it washes off  all of your scalp natural oils and the second downside is that sweat is a mixture of water, as well as your body natural salts and proteins water might dry up but the salts and proteins just kind of crust up on your scalp and that further dries up your scalp and your hair. That’s why everytime you have an intense cardio session and you sweat a lot try washing it off wuth a shampoo or even better schedule your shampooing sessions on the same day as that of your cardio sessions and also keep in mind bonus point if you are ever swimming immidiately after you swim wash your hair entirely.


Something you can’t really avoid because most of us live in cities. Now what you can do is that instead of choosing heavy hair products like gels or waxes something that catches pollution and effects the health of your hair. You can go for slightly lighter hair products think serum or even better think some organic hair cremes something made by using natural ingredients that you can use every single day without worrying. And even better those lighter hair products will actually help you to protect your hair from all these pollution.

6.Give your hair a break

As important as to wash your hair with shampoo often it’s equally as important to give yourself a break give your hair a break maybe two days in a row wash your hair with only water. Because the life of your hair is in the moisture present in your hair and the oil that is created in your scalp and your hair and you wanna give your hair and your scalp some time to recover. It needs to produce those oils it needs to retain all of its moisture for maximum health that why ideally take a break once in a while and you dont need to wash your hair every single day.

7.Blow-drying your hair

Just the way sweat rip all the moisture and oils present in your scalp blowdrying does that but in a much stronger way. You can use these once in a while like once in two weeks or once in a month. Dont use it often it will absolutely lead to hair damage and hair fall.

8.Hair colouring, Straightening

The absolute worst thing that you can do with your own hair is putting any kind of chemicals procedure or any kind of procedure to straighten it inside the Parlour. Because whenever you putting it through a chemical procedure like even colouring your hair and dyeing your hair. The way it works is that the hair dye ends up destroying the cuticle of your hair. The outer layer of your hair and that allows the ink the coloured ship inside the hair and colour it to some other colour. Similarly, the straightening procedures are done at the parlour or even done at home. In a similar way but these instead of working through chemicals they work through heat and that heat once again destroys all the natural oils from your scalp. It also spoils the quality of your hair.

9.Diet and Lifestyle

Do diet and Lifestyle affects the health of your hair and the answer is, of course, it does both your skin and your hair while talking about diet three important factors firstly get the water intake high make sure you drink at least 4-5 litres of water every day. The sec0ond factor is protein at least take 50 grams of protein per day. The third factor is getting your antioxidants in simply get antioxidants from green vegetables and fruits. And a very important tip is that you have to stop smoking if yo0u are serious about the health of your hair.

10.stress and anxiety

And final point is that to maintaining the health of your hair is probably the most important point of them all. we are talking about stress and anxiety. The moment when you are stressed the moment when you are anxious your body elevates your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It promotes the process of ageing and affects the quality of your hair and skin very badly and obviously causes hair fall or hair loss. Easy to say that avoid stress and avoid anxiety your hair healthy will be okay. But the actual solution to get rid of stress and anxiety forever is regular meditation.

So that is it for today guys I hope you will like this article. If you did please like the article and share it with your friends and family. And dont forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Have a nice day!


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