Top ten ways get rid of acne and pimples forever

Top ten ways get rid of acne and pimples forever: hey guys in this article I am gonna talk and top ten ways rid of ance and pimples forever. So guys pimples are the worst thing you can have on your face. There are many things that cause pimples. So in this article, I will tell top ten ways rid of acne and pimples forever.

Why do we have pimples 

We get pimples when the tiny pores of our face get blocked by dust and oil. And when we are talking about men pimples there is also one common reason why Indian men get pimples the reason is that many Indian men do not take care of their skin as women do. So in this article, I am going to share you the top 10 most effective ways to get rid of acne and pimples and read the full article and I guarantee you that you will not need to search for another article on this topic.

So, top ten ways get rid of acne and pimples forever are :

Top ten ways get rid of acne and pimples forever
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1. Drink a lot of water

The best thing you can do to remove pimples is to eat a lot of water. Not just because it makes your skin to glow but also it is very helpful to remove acne and pimples forever. Water keeps our skin nourished internally and helps to open the pores which get blocked by the oil and dust. Every guy must be consuming 7 to 8 litres of water every single day.

2. Dont smoke

If you are that type of guy who smokes a lot. Then I am sorry it is very difficult for you to remove acne and pimples. If you wish to get clear skin free from acne and pimples then you have to quit smoking. The reason behind this is that when you smoke many free radicals enters in your mouth and body. The free radicals damage your skin and hair. If you continue smoking then the ageing process in your body increases so at last, I will say that are disadvantages of smoking and you should quit smoking.

3. Dont touch your face

Yes, guys this also a very major reason for your acne and pimples. If you have a habit of touching your face too often then you have to remove it. We know that there are many harmful bacteria are present in our fingertips so when you touch your face with your fingertips. Then the bacteria present in our fingertips come on our face and causes acne and pimples.

4. Use a good face wash

Using a facewash is not that much important but using a correct facewash is very important. You have to choose best face wash according to your skin type and should know what is your skin type. You have to use the best face wash according to your skin type. The face wash recommendations are if you have oily skin or combination skin then you should use the Patanjali activated carbon. And if you are that guy who has dry skin then you should consider the Himalaya face wash. Remember that choosing a good and mild face wash is very important because a wrong face wash then damages your skin.

5. protect your face from sunlight

Sun Rays are very important for us because they give us Vitamin D. But it can also be your enemy because the UV rays of the are very dangerous for your Skin and hair. You should not expose your hair or skin to sunlight from 12 to 5 P.M. If you are suffering from acne or pimples and when you go to the direct sunlight then chances are that your pimple gets bigger and becomes more reddish. So, in my opinion, you should go out in the sunlight from 12 to 5 P.M. But you have a very important work which you cant miss then you should use a proper sunscreen and wear a scarf on your face. The best Sunscreen that I will suggest is of Lakme sun expert of 50 SPF. You should not consider sunscreen below 30 SPF.

6. Dont apply oil in the morning

Hair oil is very important for us as they work like fertilisers for our hair. But you should use hair oil only in the night because night is the best time for improvement of our skin, hair and all parts of our body. But when you apply hair oil in the morning and you sweat a lot because of the summers then the oil from your hair comes to your face. And because of this your face looks oily and will create pimples. So if you have the habit of applying oil in the morning then you should change it. You can use serum to moisturize and nourish your hair. The serum that I will recommend to all is of Loreal Paris hair expertise serum.

7. Dont eat junk and oily food

If you are suffering from acne and pimples then this is a big factor of having acne and pimples. When you eat too much junk and oily food then your body reacts to secrete more oil and sweat from your body. It also increases body heat because oils contain only fats and fats contain heat. And you should know that heat causes acne and pimples. So dont eat junk food and oily food because they are full of bad fat.

8. Exercise

Exercise is a very good and effective way to remove acne and pimples forever. We get pimples when the pores of our face get blocked by dust and oil and when you exercise your body sweats a lot and when our body sweats a lot then the blocked pores of our face opens. So exercise is also a very good way to cure acne and pimples. There are many advantages of exercise. In my opinion, every single healthy man must exercise. You can read my article on

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9. Eat food that reduces body heat

You should be consuming foods that reduce body heat because excess body heat also causes pimples so you should eat food that reduces body heat. Some fruits that reduces body heat are watermelon, cucumber, mint, and all vitamin c rich foods. And this is mandatory to eat in summer to keep your stomach healthy.

10. Eat Vitamin-rich foods 

To make your skin glowing and clear you should eat foods that are rich in vitamins. Deficiency of vitamins in our body also causes acne and pimples. You should eat a lot of green vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and minerals but also they are rich in fibres and makes our skin glowing. Green vegetables are also important for our hair.

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